Local 136 Code of Conduct

CUPE Local 136 is committed to creating a Union which is inclusive,  welcoming,  and free from harassment,  discrimination,  and all types of bullying and intimidation and needs to ensure that we provide a safe environment for our members,  staff,  and elected officers to carry out our work. Our expectation as a Local is that mutual respect,  understanding,  and co-operation will be the basis of all our interaction.


This Code of Conduct is intended to deal with complaints of inappropriate behaviour at events/meetings organized by CUPE Local 136. It does not apply to complaints arising in the workplace,  as those are dealt with through the grievance procedure and/or the applicable workplace harassment policy.


As CUPE Local 136 members,  we commit to one another and to the Union to be governed by the principles of the Code of Conduct and agree to:


A complaint regarding the Code of Conduct will be handled as follows:

Download a printable copy of the Local 136 Code of Conduct

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