Member In Good Standing

It is important to know that you are represented by CUPE Local 136 from day one. Wether you're fulltime,  seasonal,  or temporary,  CUPE Local 136 has your back.
While you are a member of the Local from day one,  you must be a Member In Good Standing to attend any social functions,  General Membership Meetings (GMM),  Special Membership Meeting (SMM),  cast a vote in our Local's Elections,  to run for or hold Office in the Local,  or recieve any other social benefit (like Local 136 swag). Voting on a Collective Agreement (CA) is your right,  regardless if you are a Member In Good Standing or not.

Also known as our Solidarity Drive,  Membership Cards provide a feeling of ownership to our members,  and is an important way to make sure all of our members voices are heard.

A card costs $2,  with $1 of the cost going to CUPE National as part of initiation in the National Union. This fee,  along with a membership application to be approved at the next GMM by the membership,  welcomes you officially into the Local & National unions! This fee only needs to be paid once across any CUPE locals.

How do I get a card?

  1. If you haven't met a steward or member of the executive on your first day,  reach out to us.
  2. Introduce yourself,  and ask for a membership application. If we don't have them with us,  we'll arrage a time for you to fill one out.
  3. Fill out the appliation form,  and pay your $2. We can also use Square if you would like to pay by Interac.
  4. We will hold onto your application until the next GMM (check our Events Calendar if you need to know when that is). Your name will be read out at that meeting,  and the membership votes to allow you to become a Member In Good Standing. You are encourage to attend the meeting,  and meet your fellow Brothers and Sisters.
  5. Over the next couple days after the GMM you were voted in,  we will get you your own laminated membership card,  complete with the Oath of Membership on the back.

Member In Good Standing (front)
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Oath of Membership (back)
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Membership application form
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Fellow CUPE local looking for the Member In Good Standing cards? Contact Scott Legassie if you would like the editable documents.

Oath of Membership

“I promise to support and obey the Constitution of this Union,  to work to improve the economic and social conditions of other members and other workers,  to defend and work to improve the democratic rights and liberties of workers and that I will not purposely or knowingly harm or assist in harming another member of the Union.”

From the CUPE National Consitiution,  Appendix B,  Section 8 -- B.VIII MEMBERSHIP

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