Local 136 Executive,  Officers,  and Roles

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The next election meeting is October 2022.


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Health & Safety Committees

Roads & Works and
Parks & Open Spaces

  • Scott Legassie,  Co-chair
  • Gloria Alley
  • Ray Ramjattan
  • Terry Collison
  • Brendan Farrugia

Rec. & Culture

  • Beth Burrows,  Co-chair (Local 1329 member)
  • Isabella Van Leeuwen
  • Craig Hill
  • Andy Tan
  • Laura Shaen (Local 1329 member)
  • Kim McDonald (Local 1329 member)

While re-deployed,  Rec. & Culture employees should reach out to a Parks/Roads committee member with any Health & Safety concern they may have.


Every year,  a new Trustee is elected to the three‑year trustee position; the three‑year trustee becomes the two‑year trustee,  and the two‑year trustee becomes the one‑year trustee. In a non-election year,  the trustees will be nominated at the September GMM,  and if necessary,  an election will be held at the November GMM.

Negotiations Committee

There is no current Negotiations Committee,  as the next round of bargaining is expected to begin after October 2022.
However,  any questions or ideas can be directed to the President of Local 136,  who by office,  sits on any and all committees.

Joint Job Evaluation Committee

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