Local 136 Executive,  Officers,  and Roles

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Health & Safety Committees

Roads & Works and
Parks & Open Spaces

  • Ray Ramjattan,  Co-chair
  • Brandon Paul
  • Jason Medeiros
  • Terry Collison
  • Matt Santorelli
  • Jen Ramos (Local 1329 member)

Rec. & Culture

  • Beth Burrows,  Co-chair (Local 1329 member)
  • Chris Fontes
  • Lucas Hall
  • Mike Heaney
  • Laura Shaen (Local 1329 member)
  • Kim McDonald (Local 1329 member)


Every year,  a new Trustee is elected to the three‑year trustee position; the three‑year trustee becomes the two‑year trustee,  and the two‑year trustee becomes the one‑year trustee. In a non-election year,  the trustees will be nominated at the September GMM,  and if necessary,  an election will be held at the November GMM.

Negotiations Committee

Joint Job Evaluation Committee

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