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November 2022

Dues correction: A concern was raised to the executive about dues rates being applied to overtime. As a result,  we conducted an investigation with Payroll,  and there were multiple paycodes that dues were being applied to. We have gone through the paycodes,  and had dues corrected to regular monthly wages,  to align with the constitution. As a result,  dues have been removed from Paycodes including OT & Lieu,  Tool Allowance,   and Stand-by.


Resignation: Mike Schiraldi has resigned from his elected roles of VP and Negotiating Comittee. As a result, Mike Quesnelle has been appointed to the Negotating Committee. Further,  until an by-election can be held in January,  Joe Allen will act as Vice President,  and Ian MacLean will act as Chief Steward.


September 2022

Day-in-Lieu: Monday,  September 19,  2022 has been declared a National Day of Mourning to mark the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In recognition of this significant and unique event,  the town will grant staff a day off in lieu (one-time). This will be made available to all full-time employees hired prior to September 19,  2022,  who are eligible for paid leave entitlement. This floater day will be added to employeesโ€™ eligible days,  and must be taken before December 31,  2022.


August 2022

Trustees' Audit: The NPO replied, thanking our Trustees for their audit of the 2021 financial records,  and have accepted it as submitted.


April 2022

CLOTHING TRY-ON! DnB Media is coming to Central Ops in the lunchroom next Monday (April 11th) from 10a-2p. They will also be at Glen Abbey in the green arena next Tuesday (April 12th) from 10a-3p.


March 2022

CLOTHING! DnB Media has let us know some unique are taking longer to receive,  due to gloabal shipping delays,  so some items (3-4XL,  or less common items) will take longer to arrive. Also,  please make sure your address includes a buzzer number if you live in an apartment -- use the Address Line 2 field.


Masks & Daily Screening: with Halton Regional Council recinding their mask by-law yesterday to match the provincial order,  Town staff are no longer required to wear masks or screen in using the daily screening form. Please monitor yourself for symptoms -- if you are sick,  do not come in. The Town is providing all employees with RATs,  if you do use a test,  and you test positive,  stay home,  and notify your supervisor. While masks are not required under most circumstance,  please respect fellow employees,  building patrons,  or contractors who choose to wear a mask. Masks are still required under the following circumstances:

Please be respectful of others' choices to wear,  and if you have an issue,  contact a Steward or member of the Executive.


February 2022

Local 136 stands with UNIFOR Local 1256: members of our executive joined striking Transit workers on their picket line. Our local brought a supply of snacks and drinks to help keep the spirts high of our sister local.


2020 Trustees' Audit: the audit was accepted by CUPE National. View the confirmation here: DOWNLOAD.


January 2022

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation: starting this year,  National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (September 30) will be treated as a statutory holiday for town employees.


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