Local 136 Resources

Our Collective Agreement (CA),  By-laws,  and other useful Local documents

CUPE Education

A full listing of CUPE Education Workshops. Please contact a member of the executive to sign up
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CUPE National Constitution

The CUPE Constitution determines the unionโ€™s objectives and how the union operates. It forms the basis for the functioning of the more than 2,300 CUPE local unions across Canada.
Changes to the Constitution can only be made by the delegates at the Unionโ€™s Biennial Convention. The current constitution was last ammended and published in 2019.
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CUPE National

CUPE National's website
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CUPE Ontario

CUPE Ontario's website
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CUPE Local 1329

The inside workers of the Town of Oakville
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Town Workspaces

Login to view your paystubs,  check your email,  update the contact info the Town has for you,  etc.
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Town Joint Health & Safety Committees portal

A link to your H&S portal. NOTE: This will take you to your respective portal; you cannot access another dept's portal.
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Morneau Shepell

Morneau Shepell Ltd. is an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) that provides you and your family with immediate and confidential support to help resolve work,  health,  and life challenges to improve your life. Let us help you find solutions so you can reach your goals at any age or stage of life. We help millions of people worldwide live healthy,  happy,  and productive lives. Limited services are provided free of charge to Town employees.
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With myOMERS you can:

  • View your benefit information
  • Update communication preferences
  • Calculate your buy-back purchases
  • Print your T4A (*Retired members only)
  • Update your contact information
  • Manage your AVC account
  • Estimate your retirement income
  • Change your tax and/or banking information

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Similar to RRSPs in many ways,  funds in an AVC account are invested in the OMERS Fund,  a globally diverse portfolio of high-quality investments that is committed to meeting our obligations to plan members through predictable and stable long-term returns.

Contributions to an AVC account receive the same net investment returns as the Fund.

All members can transfer money from other registered retirement savings vehicles such as RRSPs to an AVC account up to the end of the year they turn age 70. Active members can also contribute regularly,  from as low as $40 per month,  via pre-authorized debit or payroll deduction if your employer offers the AVC payroll deduction option. These contributions are credited with the Fundโ€™s net rate of return for the calendar year,  prorated to reflect when the deposit was made. This means that the rate of return that will be credited on your contributions is determined by the performance of the Fund over the course of the full year,  not just from the point when your deposit was made.
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Sun Life

Login to view your benefit limits,  check drug coverage,  explore treatment options,  and more.
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Satirical look at union-breaking politics. From Michael Moore's The Awful Truth (season 1,  episode 12: "Nafta Mike").

Working-Class History

Working-class history is the story of the changing conditions and actions of all working people. Most adult Canadians today earn their living in the form of wages and salaries and thus share the conditions of dependent employment associated with the definition of "working class".
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